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What are they made of?

Our stones are made of lightweight concrete or concrete cell type

Are they Resistant/ Strong?

Definitely! Our stones are made out of lightweight concrete which also contain a fiber base that forms an internal network that gives more flexibility to the stones meaning that our product is ideal and resistant to any type of weather.

How much does it weight?

Our decorative stones are 45 % lighter than the natural product and its average weight is 18.23kg /40lbs per square meter depending on the style or model.

Does it fade?

No, the color is integrated throughout the product mix and the colors are synthetic iron oxides.

How do you stick them together?

It depends on the surface to be placed:

For block walls, brick, plastered, flattened and/ or drywall, cement is used.

For glass timber or wood silicon is used (for windows or some other glass surfaces/decorative wood)

In no absorption flat walls is recommend to use floor on floor.

What type of surface is placed?

Block, Brick, Plastered, Flattened, drywall, wood, glass, etc. As long as the surface is lead. If not, it is recommended plastering the wall. If the wall has paint or Tyrol, we recommend removing the paint or chop the wall.

Is it difficult to make the cuts?

Cuts can be simple to make with a serrated cutting blade, over the face of the product we cut approximately 50% of the thickness of the part, then the break it with both hands downward.

What tools can be used?

Bucket, level, bow notched blade, plastic tray and brush.

Is the material cold or hot?

The product contains thermo- acoustic properties, sound-insulating, and retains room temperature avoiding extremes.

What’s your presentation?

Each box contains individual pieces that are 1m².

Where is this product made?

The Rock & Stone Decorative Stone are 100% Mexican.

Can you apply for facades and interiors?

Definitely our product can be placed for both indoors and outdoors because it is suitable for the weather.

Are the stones only coatings?

This product is only launch as a decorative part, not as a structural part of a building.

Is it Expensive?

Price is accessible even when adding the cost of material and labor (because it is easier and faster to place this material than the natural stones) and other finishes.

Are they harmful?

These products are non-toxic, non-flammable and do not expand.

Is it resistant to fungus?

Of Course! As long as is carefully protected with a sealer (preferable water based) and have adequate cleaning.(Washing with water and a brush when it gets dirt and use soap if you have any type of grease/oil ).

Does m² and includes meeting space?

Yes and the recommended joint width vary from 1cm to 1.5 cm, between each piece depending on the type of stone to be installed.

Is it anti-graffiti?

No, if you want to protect your walls from such action, you can use specialized sealants.

What maintenance does Decorative Rock & Stones, stones is required?

For general maintenance, it is required an universal sealer which prevents water absorption and moisture that causes the formation of mold, efflorescence and fungus without altering the original tone of the materials.

What is the universal sealant performance?

Each liter of universal sealant is diluted in 12 liters of water and its performance is variable depending on the absorbency of the surface.